1.1.0 to 2.0.0

Huge rewrite. New features, plugins, improvements and definitely worthy of a major version number.

  • .hero-edgeless is now .hero and old “round box style” .hero has been deprecated.
  • .hero must now be on a .container.
  • To use .limit on the .hero, you need .row(s) and .col(s) inside.
  • Headings are now font-weight 200 by default. Adjust weight with .super-skinny, .heavy and .heavier.
  • The .skinny-headings global body class has been deprecated (since they are now the default).
  • Colors have been tweaked to be more neutral, less saturated and now include cosmic.
  • .note has been deprecated.
  • Alerts are now flat by default so .alert-flat has been deprecated. Flat badges now use .flat instead of .badge-flat.
  • Alert colors have been shortened to just the color. For example, .alert-blue is now just .blue. This is also true for badges.
  • Banners have been deprecated in favor of the new .notifications.
  • The navigation bar markup structure has been redesigned. It’s fairly similar but check the nav bar documentation for a full description.
  • Nav bar .name is now .brand.
  • An ID of #primary-nav is no longer necessary on the nav bar (although an ID is obviously recommended!)
  • Nav bar .nav-light has been deprecated. By default, the navigation bar is light.
  • Form type classes have been shortened: .form-inline is now .inline and .form-horizontal is now .horizontal.
  • For compatibility, all form types (including .inline) now require .input-container wrappers, including buttons.
  • Form size classes now go on the .input-container and have been renamed .is-tiny, .is-small, .is-medium and .is-huge. No need for .is-large as it’s the default.
  • Classes now go on the .input-container, rather than the input (with the exception of .disabled and disabled="").
  • Visually different input elements (checkbox, radio, select, file, textarea) require an additional class on their .input-container. That class is the type of input, for example .checkbox or .radio. For obvious reasons, textareas do not work with the .inline form.
  • Modal has been rewritten. New LESS variables, new classes, new plugin (to replace the old awkward JavaScript). See modal documentation for details.
  • .modal-flat is now .flat and .modal-static is now .static.
  • Modals no longer require you to manually add a blackout curtain.
  • Pagination is now always flat so .paginate-flat and .paginate-no-border have been deprecated.
  • Pagination centering and right aligning now uses classes .center and .right (on the .paginate element) respectively.
  • Dark style pagination uses class .dark (on the .paginate element).
  • The “current page” link now uses .current (still on the <li> element).
  • Table class name changes: .tbl-bordered is now .bordered, .tbl-centered is now .center, .tbl-skinny is now .narrow.
  • .alert-close is now just .close.
  • .spacer classes have been renamed .push-n (note the new dash between pusher and the number).
  • .push (previously .spacer) are now not extra elements (that was a bad call). They now simply override the margin on the bottom of the element you stick them on. Much simpler, much cleaner, less markup.
  • .tbl-bordered is now .bordered.
  • .tbl-skinny is now .narrow.
  • .well is now .surround.
  • .well-padded is now .spaced.
  • .well-light is now the default so has been deprecated.

1.0.1 to 1.1.0

Fixed a few critical bugs, updated to FontAwesome 4.1. Has the wrong version number in the copyright statement. Whoops!