The Nonintrusive CSS Framework

Spark is a lightweight web design framework based on the mobile-first approach to responsive web design. Using media queries powering a responsive grid, Spark makes it easy to build professional looking pages in minutes.

It’s designed to be simple to use with intuitive class names and easy to customize with a nonintrusive approach: with the exception of some basic styling and resets, you only add Spark classes to the elements you actually need styled.

Ready to get started? Download Spark above (the huge button: you can’t miss it). Inside the archive you’ll find the barebones template (and a few others with a bit more Spark in them), the ready-to-go Spark files, the LESS files (so you can modify and compile Spark yourself if you like) and a few other items of interest.

Game Unsalted

We call Spark nonintrusive because it doesn’t force its way into your design. By default, it only adds a few styles and margins for spacing and allows you to add what you need. Don’t like our tables? No problem! Just don’t use our table classes!

Super Lightweight Design

Spark is designed to be really lightweight for fast page loading and smooth browsing while free from unnecessary bloat. It’s really small and we are always looking for ways to make it smaller still.


Squish & Stretch

Using CSS3 media queries, Spark serves up content based on the display size of the device viewing the content. It’s so unbelievably simple to use, you’ll be pushing out cross-device-compatible pages in no time.


Spark is an open source project so come join in at Github where the repo is hosted. There are lots of ways you can contribute from reporting issues, making feature requests and even submitting some code of your own: the Spark project needs you so why not involved.